Age-friendly Northfield received a $5,000.00 grant from Northfield Shares! The grant will be used toward the development of a centrally located comprehensive, coordinated information and referral system for older adults in our community. Age-friendly Northfield is currently working on a web-based resource center. Many older adults are healthier and more active/independent than ever before, for others, living longer does not necessarily mean living well. Both of these changing demographics will have a dramatic impact on the community structures and services required to meet the needs of an aging population. Through collaborative efforts and local support, our goal is to invest the time and resources and prepare today so that current and future older adults of Northfield will have the support they need to age well in our community for years to come. Thank you to our current supporters: Northfield Shares, Northfield Hospital and Clinics, Northfield Retirement Community, Three Links, Community Resource Bank, AARP, City of Northfield and FiftyNorth. Learn about our community foundation; Northfield Shares:

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