web banner new A1-layer textAGE-FRIENDLY NORTHFIELD COMMUNITY REPORT: The current report presents the results of our August-September 2017 survey. We used this data and analysis, in conjunction with ongoing community outreach and continuing assessment, to develop our Action Plan.
Age-Friendly Northfield Community Report
Out of 1000 surveys mailed and electronic access to the survey in several community locations, 467 surveys were returned.

The Age-Friendly Northfield Survey and Steering Committees would like to thank the following people for their support and assistance in initiating this Age-Friendly Northfield initiative, and in conducting, analyzing and reporting the results of this survey: former Mayor Dana Graham, current Mayor Rhonda Pownell, former City Administrator CC Linstroth, current City Administrator Ben Martig, AARP Minnesota State Director Will Phillips, AARP Senior Research Advisor Joanne Binette, Carleton Professor of Mathematics and Statistics Katie St. Clair, Applied Education Research Consultant Carol Trosset.

AGE-FRIENDLY NORTHFIELD ACTION PLAN: The action plan is now complete and will be implemented from 2020-2022. The plan specifically addresses four broad issues—or domains—that older residents (aged 50+) who completed the survey indicated are in need of the most urgent attention: Housing, Health and Wellness, Community Information, and Outdoor Spaces and Buildings. The other four domains also will be addressed but with less direct attention at this stage.
Age-friendly Northfield Action Plan-2019
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