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The city of Northfield became part of the World Health Organization (WHO) / AARP Network of Age-Friendly Communities in August of 2016.  AARP and WHO have developed a five-year assessment, planning, and implementation process to assist communities in becoming more age-friendly.  Age-friendly Northfield is a grassroots effort being conducted by community volunteers to achieve this work.  Organizations that are currently represented through this group are: FiftyNorth, Northfield Retirement Community, Northfield Community Resource Bank, Three Links, Kildahl Park Pointe, Northfield Hospital and Clinics, the city of Northfield, and the Beautify Northfield/Gardening Club.

Northfield, as an Age Friendly community, means that Northfield’s physical, social, and economic frameworks are intentionally designed to promote independence and a high quality of life for its residents as they age.  It means that its residents are better able to remain in their own home or community even though there may be significant changes in their physical and economic health.  Program initiatives help communities to assess their strengths and needs in the eight designated Domains of Livability:

  • Community Information
  • Housing
  • Health and Wellness
  • Transportation
  • Social Participation
  • Job Opportunities
  • Volunteering and Civic Engagement
  • Outdoor Spaces and Buildings

Once identified, communities are better able to secure, coordinate and direct resources to address the most pressing needs of their citizens.  Effective dissemination of information about services, programs and opportunities – in a centralized location – is an essential feature of an age-friendly city.

The Age Friendly Northfield Steering Committee conducted a community survey of adults age 50+ in cooperation with faculty and students from Carleton College during the summer of 2017. Results were presented to the Northfield City Council in January, 2018 and to the community in February, 2018. The survey results identified a sampling of the needs to be addressed in a five-year action plan.


The Age-Friendly Northfield committee worked along side AARP MN to create a video describing ‘What is an Age-Friendly Community?” and “How can other cities start the process”. This video was shared with AARP members in Minnesota as well as through social media to all Age-Friendly cities in the country.

AARP Age-Friendly Community Video

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AARP/WHO Age Friendly Communities

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