Welcome to Age-friendly Northfield Minnesota!

In 2016 Northfield MN joined the World Health Organization (WHO/AARP Network of Age-Friendly Cities. Northfield is well-positioned to take on the work of becoming an age-friendly city and already has many strengths as a community for older residents, but more deliberate action must be taken now and in the future, to ensure that the growing number of older adults have the housing, transportation, communication, services and other resources needed to live engaged and independent lives.

WE ARE … a community that values a high quality of life for all of its residents.
WE HEARD … what community qualities are important to the citizens aged 50 and older and what more is needed.
WE ENVISION … a community that promotes independence and a high quality of life for citizens as they age.
WE WILL … work with the community to implement the changes that will assure livability of Northfield for today’s and tomorrow’s older adults.

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