Resource Guide for Older Adults

Age-friendly Northfield has compiled a collection of resources to help connect residents to services and information on a range of topics related to aging. New information will be added over time. You have the option to view entire guide or sections within the guide. All resources are listed in alphabetical order throughout.

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In 2016, Northfield, Minn., joined the World Health Organization (WHO/AARP) Network of Age-friendly Cities. Northfield is well-positioned to take on the work of becoming an age-friendly city and already has many strengths as a community for older residents, but more deliberate action must be taken now and in the future, to ensure that the growing number of older adults have the housing transportation, communication, services and other resources needed to live engaged and independent lives.

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DISCLAIMER: The information provided by the Age-friendly Northfield team is of a general nature, and has been provided solely on the basis of and understanding that users of the information will be responsible for making their own assessments, having regard to their own circumstances, needs and requirements before using any information herein Please note that making this information available, it does not constitute any endorsements by Age-friendly Northfield.